Nov 9, 2007

GARAGEBAND TIPS: Setting Up A Garageband Master Page

To speed up the song writing process, I set up a "template" file that
has all my favorite instruments pre assigned along with my preferred
key, and tempo, along with a simple drum beat to get me going. When
ever the song writing urge hits me, I can quickly pull this pre
defined file up, write my music, and then "save as" to save the song
(make sure to do this so you don't mess up your "master template" ).
- svend -

Nov 8, 2007

GARAGEBAND TIPS: Using Visual EQ in the new Garageband

Make sure to turn on the analyzer function to pin point what
frequencies you want to adjust while the song is playing! It's
brilliant and so intuitive!

Layering a section in Garargeband

One of my favorite techniques in Garageband is to record a short (or
long) musical passage, let's say using the piano. You start your song
out with this piano piece. Make a duplicate of this musical passage,
and put in on another track, so by say measure 4 you are now hearing
the two passages. Make the duplicate track, say strings... so you
start out with piano, then you have piano and strings... then add a
third copy, etc... for a really lush sound! - svend,

Nov 6, 2007

Using The New Garageband Visual EQ and Automation

There are two cool new features in Garageband that I love. Effects
Automation and Visual realtime EQ. What I like to do is take a
partially completed song, and pull up the visual EQ for an
instrument. While the song is playing, I adjust the visual EQ so that
I can get a feel for what adjustments sound "cool"... I then use the
new effects automation to adjust the same visual EQ parameters so
that what I was doing by hand, gets added to the song as a permanent
feature. Start experimenting with this cool feature! - svend