Nov 24, 2007

GARAGEBAND TIPS: Cool Half Time and Syncopated Drum Loop Tip for Garageband

One of the tools in a composers tool box when writing music in
Garageband is to change drums so they are running in 1/2 time. Once
in a while you can find drum loops that have a half time version, but
this is rare. And the half time drum loop should "fit" with the full
time loop. Here's what you do... Create a track with your drum loop.
Create a duplicate track of the drum loop, and slide the loop
forwards or backwards creating a double time or syncopated loop!!
Give it a try and always experiment! - svend /

Nov 23, 2007

GARAGEBAND TIPS: Put Your Garageband Music on CB Baby

CD Baby: sales and distribution for your music. CD Baby has helped
over 150,000 artists sell over $40 million in physical CDs, digital
downloads, and live sales since 1998.

For a simple $35 setup, CD Baby can get your music selling worldwide
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Napster, MSN Music and more.

CD Baby keeps only a 9% cut, paying 91% of all income directly to the
artist. (For physical CDs, we keep $4 per CD sold.)

Your CD will be available to over 2400 traditional retail CD stores
in the USA. You get paid full retail price for these sales.

CD Baby pays everyone every Monday night. Over $250,000 every week,
paid directly to our musician clients.

I am planning to get my CD up on CB Baby in December! - svend /

Nov 20, 2007

New Instrumental Song By Svend using Apples Garageband 3.0

I just finished a new instrumental called "Evictions and Edictions"
using Apple's great new version of Garageband 3.0 (yes, I meant to
spell Addictions wrong :) - hope you like the new song. I used many
of the new cool features in Garageband 3.0 like visual EQ, and 4
effects at a time and the new Apple compressor effect. -

GARAGEBAND TIPS: Musicians Need Search Engine Optimization for their Web Sites!

It occurred to me that musicians checking out this blog might be
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GARAGEBAND TIPS: The Beauty of Apple's Garagebands Effects

One of my favorite techniques in Garageband is to adjust the effects like eq when the song is playing. Use this to experiment with how you might automate the effects over time as the song is playing, giving you real time feedback!

Nov 18, 2007

GARAGEBAND TIPS: Using Multi Takes in Apple's Garageaband

A great new feature in Apple's Garageband is the multi take feature.
When you record a track, and the song is set to repeat after so many
measures, garageband will record multiple takes as you play. What I
like to do is duplicate the track, copy the file to the new track,
and then I can listen to take 1 in track 1 and listen to take two in
the copied track. Give it a try! Svend -