Nov 20, 2007

GARAGEBAND TIPS: Musicians Need Search Engine Optimization for their Web Sites!

It occurred to me that musicians checking out this blog might be
interested in learning more about SEO (search engine optimization)
and how it can help them market their music better! Besides my love
of composing music and using garageband, my "day job" is web design,
logo design, and SEO including a very unique service called SEO WEB
HOSTING. SEO is all about results! And those results are to get your
web site to the TOP of the search engines! As proof of how I do this,
think abot how you found this site :) - you went to google let's say,
and put in "garageband tips" and my site comes up on the first page
of google! I can do this for YOUR web site for the terms you want to
be found for! go to to find out more! - svend -

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