Nov 3, 2007

GARAGEBAND TIPS: Change the Default Garageband Tempo and Key

Dare to be different! Think outside the box... to keep your GarageBand tunes from sounding like everyone else's, change the default tempo and key. If you listen to songs on Web sites where GarageBand users upload their latest creations, you'll notice that the vast majority of the songs are in the key of C and have a tempo of 120 beats per minute.

Even if you only change the tempo by a few beats per minute (110 instead of 120), that will be noticeable!

All this talk about music... here is mine :)

I forgot to let my readers know where to hear a sampling of my music
composed using garageband. Go to

I would love to hear your feedback! And I would love to hear your
Garageband compositions! - svend

GARAGEBAND TIPS: Apple Loops make the Garageband world go around!

Apple Loops are a great inspiration for creating a new song in Garageband. I often browse my apple loop collection and when I find an interesting loop, it inspires me with a
whole new song I am writing in garageband. There are many free loops on the net... just go to
google and search on free apple loops, and you will be amazed how
many great free loops are out there!

Nov 2, 2007

Greetings from my Email Account!

this is a test for emailing my blog from my email account! This is cool technology!

Creating music with garageband

I have always been fascinated with creating my own music... back in the early 80's I bought a Casio CZ101 which was one of the first keyboards to have MIDI, and this I hooked up to a Commodore C-64 computer. With this combination, I was on my way to creating music on a computer!

A few years later I got my first Macintosh, A Mac Plus. With my new mac I went out and looked for some music software, which turned out to be Passport.

Fast forward many years to the present, and my main composing tool is a Mac and Apples incredible Garageband software. After 20 years of using all the various software packages available at any given time, I have finally found a composing tool that I feel is the best ever created, and has reached a pinnacle of evolution!

My blog will talk about all aspects of creating music for "non musicians" like myself. What do I mean by this? Well, I am not trained in composing music, and I can't read music, but I am able to compose music that many say is some of the best they have ever heard...

I believe anyone can write music that has a passion for creating music! I look forward to sharing with you, and look forward to your feedback.