Jan 9, 2013

Garageband Hints and Tips: Tighten up bass tracks in Garageband with VISUAL EQ

Garageband Hints and Tips: eq levels and solid bass and reducing muddy bass

When creating a song or piece of music with lot's of tracks, the overall mix can get muddy !
Look at each of your tracks and see if there is too much action / energy in the bass region when you don't really need it.
Use Visual EQ to lower bass energy so your tracks don't get muddied up with bass...
Adjust your bass track to emphasize the bass track EQ with Visual EQ

On  recent project, I had 10 tracks... 2 were bass tracks... these I eq'ed for power
8 tracks had bass energy I did not want and was mudding up my song.
Visual EQ to the rescue!

NOTE: Click so that analyzer is on!!! So you can see the actual spectrum analyzer of tracks

Hope all you GB users are creating great music!


posted by jaggerdiggydog