Jan 6, 2008

A Garageband User Needs Help

Can anyone out there help Ember? I bet you can!

"Hi Svend,

I'm loving working with Garageband, but lately the program is SUPER slow. I have done all the optimization tips, cleared space on my hard drive (I keep loops and finished songs on my external HD) and I still find that when I click on the record button, it takes up to 3 minutes for it to engage. Do you have any tips for fixing this? I'm using the ILIFE update for Garageband and I have a Macbook that's less than a year old: 1.83 GHz Intel Core / 512 MB 667 MHz. Up until the two months, this program was working like a dream. 

I would love some feedback! Thanks,

Ember - email: ember@emberswift.com "

posted by jaggerdiggydog