Apr 6, 2011

Garageband Mastering Hints, Tips and Techniques

Garageband Mastering Hints, Tips and Techniques
One of my favorite techniques for mastering is to find a great commercial recording as an example file. I often use something like AJA from Steely Dan. This is an awesome record that is very well produced by perfectionists.
Import the song AJA (or anything you think sounds great on various sound systems from car radio's to exotic home stereo's) into garageband. Now use the visual EQ with spectrum analyzer checked so as the song plays you can see the harmonic flow in the different frequencies from 20 hz to 20K hz. Study carefully. Then export your new song and reimport into Garageband. Now use the visual eq to analyze your song. How does it compare to your reference track? is your song to bass heavy? too bass light? too much or little in the midrange frequencies? you get the idea...
Hope this works for you and your Garageband Mastering gets a bit easier...