Nov 11, 2007

GARAGEBAND TIPS: The Apple Loop Library and the Garageband Instrument Track you have selected

An interesting feature/quirk of Garagebands Apple Loop library is that when you are browsing through Garagebands Apple Loops the loops take on the sound characteristics of the instrument track you have selected above. For example, if your currently selected track above is piano, and you have that piano track set with a really long lush reverb, then the loops you listen too will be played through the same reverb effects, EQ, chorus, etc... that you have set. Use this to your advantage to make sure you are listening to the loops with the sound treatment you would use with that loop. Using the example above, the lush reverbed piano track, if I were to be listening to apple drum loops, this lush reverb would not be appropriate, and would sound like mud... but, if I were listening to apple string loops, this lush reverb sound treatment would be great! Experiment :)
- svend - &