Apr 2, 2011

Ipad Garageband

One of the cool features of Ipad Garageband is the keyboard which allows you to add some cool expression to your playing by selecting the PITCH keyboard mode which allows you to slide your fingers up and down the keys to change pitch! Wouldn't it be cool if a real keyboard would allow this!!
Give it a try!
My next thing to try is importing from mac to ipad and back again to add these expressive keyboard parts to my mac garageband parts!

Apr 1, 2011

Garageband Update now allows iPad Garageband to be imported

Garageband Update now allows iPad Garageband to be imported! Yeah!
visit this link to find out more:

Mastering in Apple Garageband

Mastering in Garageband is an important task that comes at the end of creating a new song. One of my favorite techniques for getting good mastering results in Garageband is to use a multi function plugin called OZONE. I use this plug in on the master track to output my song to iTunes or to a hi resolution AIFF file. Another good technique is to output your song to an AIFF stereo file, and then create a new garageband file, and import this AIFF file. Then apply OZONE to the stereo master file and output again to your final mastered file for CD production or input into iTunes!
Give it a try... and keep making music... it's good for the soul!
tags: mastering, garageband

Mar 27, 2011

Using iPad Garageband Drum Editor in Mac Garageband

I LOVE the new iPad Garageband Drum Editor!! It makes it easy to create cool, unique, evolving drum beats. The Mac version of Garageband does not currently have this cool drum editor. What I do is record cool loops in iPad Garageband Drum Editor and then export to itunes, where I can then import into Mac Garageband! Make sure your loops are on a nice 8 bar or 16 bar measure boundary. And also make note of the tempo, so you can import into a new Mac Garageband file at that tempo. You can then turn into a apple loop, where tempo can change as you change song tempo!

Enjoy iPad Garageband Drum Editor!