Mar 27, 2011

Using iPad Garageband Drum Editor in Mac Garageband

I LOVE the new iPad Garageband Drum Editor!! It makes it easy to create cool, unique, evolving drum beats. The Mac version of Garageband does not currently have this cool drum editor. What I do is record cool loops in iPad Garageband Drum Editor and then export to itunes, where I can then import into Mac Garageband! Make sure your loops are on a nice 8 bar or 16 bar measure boundary. And also make note of the tempo, so you can import into a new Mac Garageband file at that tempo. You can then turn into a apple loop, where tempo can change as you change song tempo!

Enjoy iPad Garageband Drum Editor!


1 comment:

lotsamamma said...

I agree! So fun! Do you know if there is a way to change the meter in the iPad GarageBand? I'd like to try some stuff in 6/8 time.