Nov 23, 2007

GARAGEBAND TIPS: Put Your Garageband Music on CB Baby

CD Baby: sales and distribution for your music. CD Baby has helped
over 150,000 artists sell over $40 million in physical CDs, digital
downloads, and live sales since 1998.

For a simple $35 setup, CD Baby can get your music selling worldwide
on, Apple iTunes, Yahoo Music, Best Buy, Rhapsody,
Napster, MSN Music and more.

CD Baby keeps only a 9% cut, paying 91% of all income directly to the
artist. (For physical CDs, we keep $4 per CD sold.)

Your CD will be available to over 2400 traditional retail CD stores
in the USA. You get paid full retail price for these sales.

CD Baby pays everyone every Monday night. Over $250,000 every week,
paid directly to our musician clients.

I am planning to get my CD up on CB Baby in December! - svend /

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