Jan 21, 2008

Garageband Tips and Help: Create an Apple Garageband Master Template File To Speed Composing!

One of the great things about Apple's Garageband is the ability to
compose songs quickly. The program doesn't get in the way of creating
music, which is why it is my favorite music creation program of all

To make creating new songs on Apple's Garageband even faster, I
create a Garageband file I call master. This file is preconfigured
with a variety of instruments I use often... piano, bass, a simple
drum loop, strings, percussion, vocal, guitar, etc... and I also set
up a master track with FX set the way I like (for me, long reverb, a
slight amount of compression and visual EQ set to reduce heavy bass
from entering output)

When I want to create a new song, I pull up this master file, and am
then ready to roll instantly!
Give it a try!

Svend (posted by jaggerdiggydog)


Di said...

Please DO share your Master Track effect settings exactly as you like them. I would love something to start with from someone that knows what they are doing and I can tweak it from there. Thanks so much...

SJ said...

Great idea! I'm finding that the technical aspects of recording, mixing and mastering in GB are getting in the way of actual composition. This is a great way to reduce the tech!