Apr 4, 2008

Garageband Hints & Tips: recording a part when you have a complicated "master pitch" key changes

I love using the master pitch function to make key changes in my
instrumental compositions. Makes the songs more interesting,
especially with my music which uses a lot of repeating motifs...

When recording a new track with all these key changes, it can be hard
to play the part with all the changes, so what I do is temporarily
turn off "master pitch" and then record my part, with no key changes,
and also, I am in my favorite key which is Em, so the parts play easy
for me (and I am not a trained keyboard musician... I just play by ear
with the playing ability I inherently have)

Ok... once your part is recorded, turn your master pitch back on and
you have a great new part, that will automatically change pitch as you
have set it up in your master track!

Let me know what you think!


(posted by jaggerdiggydog April 2008)

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