Jan 19, 2009

Garageband Hints and Tips: Composition

Garageband Hints and Tips: Composition

One of the "tricks" I use to create an interesting song in garageband is to have a drum track that I use to play a piano part let's say... for 3-4 bars. I then repeat this motif for 16+ bars. 

I then slide the drums down 3-4 bars, so the song starts with a piano and then the drums come in for a nice dynamic transition :) You get the idea... you can use this method in many ways...

Sometimes I will create a complex mix of 8+ tracks, all sounding very magestic. I will then slide all these far to the right and pull individual tracks back one at a time so the song build with one track... then two... then three... etc...

Give it a try!! and leave a comment to let me know what you think!
Keep making great music, and think outside the box!


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