Mar 18, 2011

Garageband Previews

Greetings Garageband Lovers!

I have hundreds, maybe thousands of songs I have written in Garageband. Opening them up in GB can take quite a while for each song, and sometimes I just want a quick listen, so that method can be a pain in the The cool thing to do in this case is to go into GB preferences, and make GB create a PREVIEW of the file! Then you can be in the mac finder and just click once on a file and hit the SPACE BAR and the mac will play the song!! Quick, instant, easy!!!

Hope all you GB users are creating great music!


ps. I bought the new iPad Garageband. It is awesome!!!!!!! The drum machine is the coolest thing I have ever seen for putting some drum beats together!!!!! iPad Garageband is so worth $5!!! I hope they bring that drum editor to MAC Garageband!

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