Jun 24, 2011

GarageBand for iPad: Backing up your songs

GarageBand for iPad: Backing up your songs


When you create songs with GarageBand for iPad, your songs are saved within the app. Deleting the GarageBand for iPad app from the iPad will also delete your songs. Although an alert will inform you about your files being deleted, it is a good practice to back up your songs when possible.

Products Affected

GarageBand for iPad, iTunes 10 for Mac
You can back up your songs by sending them to iTunes.
Send a GarageBand song to iTunes:
  1. Tap the My Songs button, then tap the Export Song button:  
  2. Tap Send to iTunes.

  1. 3. Do one of the following:
  • To send the song as a GarageBand song, tap GarageBand.
  • To send the song as an audio file, tap AAC.

The next time you sync your iPad, the exported song appears in the GarageBand Documents list under File Sharing in iTunes. 


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