Sep 15, 2011

Creating great stereo tracks in Garageband hints and tips

To create a really great stereo sound from a mono track (or a dull sounding stereo track) do this!
say you have a nice acoustic guitar part.
create a duplicate track in garageband.
move a copy of acoustic guitar part to new track.
you now have 2 copies of track.
pan each hard right and hard left
put garageband into TIME view vs, MEASURES view.
now use the zoom in slider in lower left of window to zoom into the second duplicate track
now slide this track a little to the right to offset it from the first track.
listen to the 2 tracks to see the effect.
the sound should be much fuller!
slide track to create alternate delays, for fuller or more subtle effect.
also, try setting different EQ to each of the 2 tracks
the possibilities are endless!

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