Feb 29, 2012

Garageband Hints and Tips: Using Mainstage with Garageband

Garageband Hints and Tips: Using Mainstage with Garageband

Apple's Mainstage is an awesome deal!!! For $29 bucks you get an incredible assortment of cool instruments and loops! Playing around with Apple's Mainstage is a blast!

Now since this is a blog for tips on Garageband, you might be wondering how you can use Apple's Mainstage with Garageband?!

The key is to get SOUNDFLOWER, which is a free mac audio plugin that let's you route audio from mainstage output to garageband input!!

This combination gives you incredible sound module for Garageband!!

Give it a try!

hear my latest GB music...

Hope all you GB users are creating great music!
posted by jaggerdiggydog


moi said...

Would it be possible for you to elaborate on how to do it? I set up my input and output, but nothing is happening. How do I get the instruments into GB?

tonypritchard said...

If you are using apogee gio with the Roland ev-5 expression pedal and want to create volume swells in mainstage (the ev-5 can't do this directly with GB) but record this in GB. How do you do this? My ideal would be to just use the gio with pedal directly in GB to control the effects. Particularly the volume swells. Thanks.