Oct 12, 2012

Garageband Hints and Tips - Using Modulation

Garageband Hints and Tips - Using Modulation

Here is a cool garageband tip...

Pick a cool sound that has a cool effect when you apply the modulation wheel on your keyboard.

Now record a new track with this sound.

Next... hit the record button again on this track and DO NOT play any notes, but just play with the modulation wheel...
Garageband will record these mod wheel changes and overlap them with the notes you played...

This gives you a chance to focus on the notes when recording, and then after, focus on just the modulation wheel...

This also works great for the PITCH WHEEL!
Sometimes it is tough to play a great line while also doing pitch bend!
Now you can play back a recorded keyboard part, while adding really cool pitch bend modulation!

Also, Garageband has a cool feature when you double click on a recored track to see your notes... but what is really cool is when you select the drop down button to see modulation, or pitch, or sustain pedal, etc... AND you can tweek the curves to make corrections!

Give it a try!

hear my latest GB music...

Hope all you GB users are creating great music!
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