Apr 17, 2013

Garageband Hints and Tips: using loop browser

Garageband Hints and Tips: Using the loop browser

Hear is a simple tip to improve creativity in your song writing...

When using the loop browser, it is natural to start at the top of the list and as soon as you find a loop... you pick it...
BUT... you tend to only get through the top 25% of list....
So... scroll all the way to bottom, and move UP the list.... 
I found some really cool beats I never get to the other way!!

Like I said... just a simple tip... lol

Give it a try!

hear my latest GB music...

Hope all you GB users are creating great music!
posted by jaggerdiggydog

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SJ said...

Hi Svend,

I have two recording issues with which I need assistance.

1) Can you offer advice about recording acoustic guitar in Garage Band?

All my attempts produce a thin, harsh tone. Granted, I'm using a dynamic microphone, but even when coupled with a contact mic, the sound is aweful.

2) All my GB recordings sound compressed, but I do not add any compression to individual tracks. Thoughts?

Much appreciated,