Jun 20, 2011

Garageband Hints and Tips - using your Garageband preview file.

Garageband Hints and Tips - using your Garageband  preview file.

Go to preferences and tell Garageband to save a preview of your song when saving your file. This allows you to go to the finder and click the file once, and then hit space bar to preview your song. Much quicker than opening the file in Garageband! And another cool option this gives you is an AIFF file you can import right into iTunes!

Click your garageband file in finder, and right click file to show contents. This will open a new window, where there is a folder called MEDIA. Open up this folder and there is a file called OUTPUT... and this is your AIFF preview file! Drag it into iTunes and rename and you have an easy way to import all your songs into iTunes vs, opening each song in GB and outputting to iTunes (much more time!)

Keep making music!!
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