Jun 24, 2011

Logic 9.x: Sound differences with GarageBand for iPad projects opened in older versions of Logic

Garageband Hints and Tips


Songs from GarageBand for iPad that you opened in Logic 9.1.4 and saved as Logic projects may sound different when opened in Logic 9.1.3 or earlier.


The best way to avoid this issue is to open projects in Logic 9.1.4 or later. To update from an earlier version of Logic 9.x:
  1. Choose Software Update from the Apple  menu.
  2. Install the latest version of Logic offered. 
If you need to work with an affected project in an earlier version of Logic, first export any tracks using Logic 9.1.4 that use GarageBand instruments as audio files to use in the earlier version:

  1. Click the track header to select all regions of that track.
  2. Choose Region > Bounce Regions in Place
  3. Set the options as shown here:
  4. Repeat for each GarageBand for iPad track.
  5. Save the project.

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